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Season 1 

Episode 15 : The Physical World From The Metaphysical   

Welcome to the Evolution

 In this week's episode Jamie and Maggie discuss how metaphysical experiences can manifest in the physical world. And just what are ghosts, spirits, and the paranormal? Should we fear these experiences? Jamie and Maggie share their stories, experiences, and observations on how to feel safe and comfortable when making connections with the metaphysical. It's all a part of your Psychic Evolution!

Join Evidential Psychic Medium, Jamie Clark - your Host of Psychic Evolution - and Maggie Norton - your Co-Host, a prolific Spiritual Coach and accomplished Healer, as they team up to share their insights and perspectives for one of the most life changing and mind blowing podcasts!!!! Discover the Psychic potential within you and learn how to empower yourself and manifest your Psychic and Mediumship abilities. Your Psychic senses are so natural they are super-natural!!!

Join the Evolution and find your inner beauty to heal and your inner light to shine! 

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