It's all about the evolution of your Psychic Senses



Meet your hosts!

Jamie Clark, your Host & Maggie Norton, your Co-Host of Psychic Evolution



Listen to world renowned, Evidential Psychic Medium, Jamie Clark - your Host of Psychic Evolution - and Maggie Norton - your Co-Host, a prolific Spiritual Coach and accomplished Healer, as they team up to share their insights and perspectives for one of the most life changing and mind blowing podcasts!!!! Discover the Psychic potential within you and learn how to empower yourself and manifest your Psychic and Mediumship abilities. Your Psychic senses are so natural they are super-natural!!!

 Join the Evolution and find your inner beauty to heal and your inner light to shine!

Master Educators


Jamie & Maggie are spiritual educators, sharing their knowledge and experience to help others find their life's path and to use their natural intuitive abilities to live a fuller and happier life. Jamie Clark has spent a lifetime working with his natural born gift as a Psychic Medium. Jamie has done many scientific studies to quantify and prove the spiritual dimensions around us. Maggie Norton has studied Metaphysics and Alternative Healing for over twenty-five years.

We Care


Jamie and Maggie have dedicated their lives to helping others develop their natural gifts and talents. They want to help you be the best version of YOU!

Jamie has watched his whole family graduate life which has given him a sense of being able to relate and to understand others in similar situations. 

Natural Gifts


Jamie was born with the natural gift of Psychic abilities and has refined his skills as an Energy Reader and a Medium. Jamie was initiated into his Psychic senses at the age of five and was trained by his mother, also an amazing Psychic Medium.

Maggie grew up talking with Spirits and had to re-learn this connection through her spiritual awakening. She   apprenticed with a Psychic and Astrologer for sixteen years to refine her skills.